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ITEKT Windshield Premium Hydrophobic Nanotechnology Protection

For any car owner, a car is one of the biggest and most important investments in life. So why not protect your investment and provide it with the required and deserved TLC, while ensuring your own safety and security? During the test, we discovered that our revolutionary iTEKT Windshield hydrophobic liquid glass protector helps that water, oil and dirt will not stick to the glass, while providing additional benefits for you and your vehicle:

  • Water repellent up to one year
  • Helps to repel dirt, snow, ice and insects
  • 20% superior shatter and scratch resistance
  • Improved visibility during harsh weather conditions
  • Easy 15-minute application
  • Flawless, streak-free finish

The latest windshield technology for driving safely. As proven by independent testing laboratories, applying our nano-coating on your windshield would increase its resistance in addition to improving your visibility in harsh weather conditions

The Science Behind iTEKT Windshield

ITEKT windshield does not use silicone, oil, grease or other harsh chemicals. It is the most effective, durable but environmentally friendly liquid glass protection on the market today.

Mainly made of sand (silica (SiO2)) compressed at the molecular level, ITEKT uses the power of science and nanotechnology to design a unique liquid glass formulation that has been laboratory tested and proven to act as a natural shield.

When applied, ITEKT’s innovative liquid glass coating fills the pores and perfectly combines with the windshield, leaving a flawless finish that is completely invisible to the naked eye and touch.

After drying, this coating will generate an electric charge, which helps to repel water, dirt, frost, etc., so you can drive safely, reduce the use of washer fluid, and protect you and your family.

About us

Guided by our core values, our mission is to provide high-performance liquid glass protection, made with natural ingredients, and help make our world more sustainable.

The revolutionary formula developed and manufactured by iTEKT in Canada does not contain irritating chemicals such as silicone that are commonly found in most water repellent products.

It uses nanotechnology science to help protect glass with 20% increase, thereby reducing environmentally waste.

ITEKT is a company full of diversity. We hire people from all types of different backgrounds. Every person that we hire believes in our products with a passion.

They are motivated to move forward on our projects and are ready to deliver a universal product for every car owner.

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”Since I have the iTEKT I drove more than 30,000 KM in a year and suprisingly I didn't have to add any washer fluid since.”
Scott Stone
Bestbuy Distributor
“My experience with the iTEKT windshield protection product has been remarkable. From its ease of application, physics-defying results in rain and snow, to the long-term longevity and durability of the product on my vehicles; this stuff works!.”
Kevin Silva
WeatherTech Canada
“It's the best windshield product for clients satisfaction and it's the most long lasting one on the market”
Serge Poulin
Belron Speedy Glass Magog
I have been using iTEKT consistency for over two years now, but one instance really stands out. Shortly after applying iTEKT to my car, I was driving along the highway during a severe rainstorm when Iwas passed by a large truck resulting in a huge splash of water hitting ”My car. To my great surprise, my windshield reppeled the splash without having to use my wipers. I believe that iTEKT helped prevent an accident from occuring and saved my life. Since then I've applied iTEKT to everyone's car within my organization and our entire team is extreamely happy with results. iTEKT is an amazing product and is truly life aving. We should be looking at putting it on every car.”
Allan Ezri
Leader Auto Resources LAR
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